Sunday, 15 November 2015

Happiness Is Not Limited To Fame & Money: Mikael Jim Prone

From morning to night, people run for a living. You might also be among those. But, what about your mental peace? Are you running behind money that is not able to buy you the peace? Then, don’t you think, there is something that is more important for yourself from money? There is definitely. Your hard work and dedication would definitely give you the fame and recognition in your field, but cannot give you the level of satisfaction for which your heart longs for. But, Mikael Jim Prone has a different theory of life due to which he is, what he always wanted to be. Now, you might be asking who is Mikael Prone? He is a person of self satisfaction. He works for himself and for the social cause, a kind of a social entrepreneur. He has been following the beliefs in philanthropy. He has traveled across the world to gain teachings and learnings of the skills from all over the world. All because he can serve to the people like you to have a pure heart and mind throughout the life. You would definitely like to know more about him, right? Have a look at the below learning of the man of honor, Mikael Prone:

Reflexology & Massage:

Through the tricks of Reflexology and the Chinese massages, Mikael Jim Prone with Reflexology, you can become stress free and pain free by pressurizing on the right parts of the foot. People consider him to be the master in these Chinese and Taoist massages because he can aid the cough and cold, migraines and back pain too.


The Martial Arts of Kung-Fu has always been the most favorite learning of Mikael Prone. He took the formal training for it. Kung-Fu is very much beneficial when coming to boost the mind and body power. He uses this skill for achieving the peace of his mind.


Yoga can bring inner peace and relaxation to the body. That is why, Mikael Prone, had spent his long, long years practicing Yoga. According to him, wellness and spirituality coming from Yoga, is worth for a living. So, he goes for meditation and body stretching every day.

Mikael Jim Prone makes sure that whatever he earn for a living should only for himself and for the social cause. He is a true follower of the theories of Taoism for living a normal and natural life by practicing sympathy, modesty and self-control. Every human being is disconnected to others in the world and you can solve all your problems by finding out its root. This beliefs come from the religion Buddhism and Mikael Prone practices for the same.

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