Thursday, 29 October 2015

Mikael Prone: An Inspiration for Many!

In today’s world, money is not the only thing to be worried about. People work for all day along and there’s nothing to look after at the end of the day. It is right that nothing can be bought without money, but this is also true, that happiness, love and care can never be bought by money. Happiness lies in loving yourself, doing something that makes you happy. All these are what Mikael Jim Prone believes in. He is a social entrepreneur who has a powerful belief in philanthropy. He is far away from any kind of fame, wealth and recognition. For him, to pursue the skills from the great masters is for his mission to help people like you to become the real version of yourself. Mikael Prone is a man to be inspired by because of his beliefs and his dedication towards his goal. Through years, he has been traveling to a great extent to learn and explore new things that can be beneficial for you to learn and grow in your life. Have a look at a few of his hobbies that might amaze you and a few beliefs that are work inspiring:

Mikael Jim Prone always says that “you can only learn from your mistakes and experiences”. Due to the today’s competitive world, you might be going through a very stressful time of your life. Sometimes, you might be having a few failures that might result you into the most depressed one. But, according to Mikael Prone, this is not the time to get depressed or stressful, this is the time to do something for your inner peace and that will be only done by performing a few activities on your daily basis that not only help you with overcoming the stress in your life, but it heals the mental disturbances.


This is a religion in which Mikael Prone believes to a great extent. The reason behind it, many of the Buddhist philosophies says that you can trash away your worries if you can find out your base issues and you can feel free from this selfish and crowded world.

Social Business:

This could be something where you can earn for yourself and for the people of the world. Social business is closely related to the social cause. Mikael Jim Prone believes in modifying all the profits for the betterment of the social cause you believe in.


Mikael Prone is a strong follower of the Chinese religion named Taoism. Compassion, humility and moderation are the three theories that can help you to live a life naturally. Mikael Jim Prone loves to perform Yoga and he is a trained one for years now. Meditation can work great for relieving stress. Also, he has been trained formally for the Kung-Fu that can enhance the physical as well as mental strength. Mikael Prone practice a lot in reflexology and Chinese massages. He is very good at removing any illness through these.

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